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Piano/ vocalist/Drummer/ Entertainer David Collini takes pride in being proficient and knowledgeable in many different styles of music, whether it be Pop, Blues, Jazz, Country, Rock & Roll or Classical. As exhibited in his discography, David's versatile music abilities keeps him busy in the studio and on the stage.

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David Collini's Discography

Click links to listen to free clips of songs. Recordings marked with (*) are financed, composed, produced and performed (keyboards, drums, percussion) by David Collini.
David Collini: Cover Not Available 1979*
8 track analogue recording, 12 original instrumental compositions.
album cover 1983*
16 track analogue recording, 10 original instrumental compositions. Recorded with friends from Berklee College of Music.
David Collini: Mad Shadows 1985*
Mad Shadows. 24 track analogue recording debut, 10 original instrumental compositions. Distributed by Optimism, Inc., U.S.A. and Europe. Liner notes by Michael Gibbs.

LISTEN: Smile You Can Fly
David Collini: Cover Not Available 1987
Optimism, Inc. Sampler, Track 13 entitled, Anyway, by David.
David Collini: ASAP 1988*
ASAP. 24 track analogue recording, 14 original instrumental compositions. Distributed by Optimism, Inc. U.S.A. and Europe. Brian Bromberg (bass), Rick Zunigar (guitar), Brandon Fields (WX7).
David Collini: Joy of Life 1990*
Joy of Life, 16 track analogue recording, 10 original vocal compositions.
David Collini: Malukosamba 1991
24 track analogue recording with Malukosamba, Brazilian music. Recorded at the Chicago Recording Co. David on Keyboards and Percussion.
David Collini: The Flying Collini Bros. 1992
The Flying Collini Bros. 24 track analogue recording 14 original instrumental compositions. Patrick Moraz (YES, Moody Blues) composed and plays keyboards on Stressless track # 5 witch fetures Davids drumming. *

LISTEN: Stressless
David Collini: Make A Wish 1994
The Daves: Make A Wish 36 track analogue recording, 14 original vocal pop compositions, co-written with Dave Myron.*

LISTEN: Holding On
David Collini: Cover Not Available 1995
Superior Fire Power in High Heeled Shoes 8 track analogue recording. David plays all instruments except guitar. *
David Collini: The Best of WVGU Jazz Night Live 1996
The Best Of WVGU Jazz Night Live 2 track digital recording sponsored by Saturn car Co.
David Collini: Stewin' with David Collini and the Tommy Hagen Trio 1996
Stewin' With David Collini and the Tommy Hagen Trio 24 track digital recording, 10 cover tunes, featuring two originals by David.
David Collini: Cover Not Available 1997
Legends From Smokey Hollow; 16 track analogue recording, 12 original vocal pop compositions. *

LISTEN: Where I’m Going
album cover 1998
Va Banque; 16 track analogue recording, original music Dutch rock trio.

Recorded 5 tunes by Jerone Damen while living in Amsterdam.
album cover 1999
16 track analogue recording demo collection of 9 original vocal pop songs *
David Collini: Sift 2002
Sift; 6 track digital recording Improvised Techno, Jason Kott  (Bass, Vocals) David (drum programming and keyboards) *

LISTEN: Fruit Loops
David Collini: Rocking Chair Reflections 2003
Rocking Chair Reflections; Solo Piano originals, 8 compositions *
David Collini: Before I Forget 2004
Before I Forget; Basic tracks recorded in Faenza Italy, 9 instrumental compositions. Ron Getz (guitar), Don Julin (mandolins), Wes Ivankovich (bass), David (drums, keyboards)

Recorded and mixed by David and Don Julin. Two originals by David.

LISTEN: Rockin Chair Reflection
David Collini: Rusty Blaides/So Long Gone 2006
Rusty Blaides/Country; 24 track digital recording. 13 vocal compositions, 1 instrumental. Co-produced and written with Mark Camp. Recorded and produced by David.

We want to license these songs to other performers to record. THEY ARE COUNTRY HITS!

LISTEN: If Tears Ran The Juke Box / Baby Blue / My Little World
David Collini: Rusty Blaides/So Long Gone 2007
Steels Heal the World; David plays drums and piano with Joe Wilson and Drew Howard.
David Collini: Your Peace Counts 2007
Your Peace Counts; 24 track digital recording originals and covers recorded at Interlochen Public Radio. Proceeds go to Michigan Youth Foundation. David plays drums.
David Collini: Ellen Murray/Singin' and Swingin' 2008
Ellen Murray/Singin' and Swingin'; 24 track digital recording. Vocal jazz covers. David plays drums.
David Collini: Sleeves 2008
Sleeves/Aaron Wolinski; originals, modern pop rock. David plays drums.
David Collini: Cover Not Available 2009
Capitalism: A Love Story; Michael Moore film, David plays drums on two tunes.
David Collini: Cover Not Available 2009
Concert With John Fedchock; Grammy Award winning arranger and trombonist. Digital 2 track and video recorded at Interlochen Arts Academy's Corson Auditorium. Jazz Quartet with David on drums.

WATCH: See John Fedchock playing Oleo on YouTube. The tempo is smokin'!


Listen to David Collini's Music Samples of Original Music in Various Styles:

Smile You Can Fly:
Instrumental Jazz)
(Modern Contemporary Instrumental Jazz)
Holding On:
(Pop Song/Female Vocal)
Where I'm Going:
(Pop Song/Male Vocal)
Fruit Loops
(Instrumental Techno)
Rocking Chair Reflections:
(Americana Instrumental Song)
If Tears Ran the Jukebox:
(Vocal Country Song)
Baby Blue:
(Country Song)
My Little World:
(Country Song)
David Collini's YouTube Channel (video)

David Collini's Song List

David Colinni plays at Turtle Creek Casino in Traverse City, Michigan

Daid Performs with Matt "Guitar" Murphy on B-3 Organ at the Turtle Creek Casino Blues Festival

David Colinni Performs at a Convent at Grand Traverse Resort & Spa in Traverse City, Michigan


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